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  • HaM Zoo
    HaM Zoo  1 months back

    Chuck pagano

    • DannyBZ9
      DannyBZ9  1 months back

      Urban Meyer

      • Tim S
        Tim S  1 months back

        Josh McDaniels is not the right man for this team!

        • Ben Flynn
          Ben Flynn  2 months back

          Why not lezlie Frazier buffalo? He’s done a great job with our D

          • Fyr3born :D
            Fyr3born :D  1 months back

            Ben Flynn as a Vikings fan he is not a good head coach Dc sure but not head coach

        • Tamera Shields
          Tamera Shields  2 months back

          I can see Kuechly being a future coach someday

          • J P
            J P  2 months back

            Mcdaniels to ATLANTA

            • Abraham Herrero
              Abraham Herrero  2 months back

              No not my 49ers dc coach.

              • pat walsh
                pat walsh  2 months back

                idk if cam newton and kyle allen is starting at ground zero at QB

                • Griffin Wiggins
                  Griffin Wiggins  1 months back

                  pat walsh lol the fact that you think either of those guys will be on the roster next year 😂

              • chase ullrich
                chase ullrich  2 months back

                The fact that they still do this show over a video conference is painful

                • Erik Holden
                  Erik Holden  2 months back

                  Lincoln Riley and get Rex Ryan as DC

                  • Tim Mendoza
                    Tim Mendoza  2 months back

                    I'd say Greg Roman too, he's a perfect fit for both the QB's and Offense in Carolina. I also think Dallas and the NY Giants as well as the Redskins will be shopping for Head Coaches too. The Cleveland Browns could be looking as well and don't be surprised if another team like the Lions also hit the market.

                    • Trucker_Pete
                      Trucker_Pete  2 months back

                      This would be a great job for Mike McCarthy. I’m a long time Packer fan and the only knocks I have on him is that the offense did get stale and his play calling could get too conservative with a lead in the 4th quarter but it sounds like he’s recognized that and has made the changes. Otherwise, he developed Rodgers into the QB he is today and coached one of the consistently youngest teams in the league because his GM hated to pay free agents. He had all that success with mostly rookies and first contact players. He’s a great coach and I’ll be very interested to watch him wherever he goes. Giving Rodgers all the credit for the wins is wrong as was the way they fired him. I have no doubt Mike could get the Panthers winning again.

                      • Ben Flynn
                        Ben Flynn  2 months back

                        McCarthy is too stubborn and will not change

                      • MrPhantomShade
                        MrPhantomShade  2 months back

                        @sam baker hes not exactly conservative, hes a guy that likes taking shots down field.

                      • sam baker
                        sam baker  2 months back

                        Panthers do not want another conservative coach that’s what ron was

                    • makepeaceu
                      makepeaceu  2 months back

                      Byron leftwich

                      • Swantron97
                        Swantron97  2 months back

                        Has kellen moore done good with the cowboys offense? Has he?

                      • Jamie Pugh
                        Jamie Pugh  2 months back

                        It's going to be Minnesota's offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski

                        • Jr.
                          Jr.  2 months back

                          Josh McDaniels

                          • FireTheCannons
                            FireTheCannons  2 months back

                            Why is Kellen Moore in Head Coaching talks? Cowboys offense isn't very good AND he's a first year (kid) OC.

                            • Любовь
                              Любовь  2 months back

                              1. Lincoln Riley
                              2. Lincoln Riley
                              3.Matt Rhule
                              4. Lincoln Riley

                              • Samuel Cohoon
                                Samuel Cohoon  2 months back

                                Greg Roman because Lamar is BALLING?! Lol Cam has nothing in common with Lamar at this point, boarder line racist in assuming tbh

                                • Duckonquack 69
                                  Duckonquack 69  2 months back

                                  Cam pretty much pioneered the qb power that lqmar is running now. Plus all the RPO and play action. The only big difference in their game is their running styles imo. They are both great QBs cam just can't stay healthy.

                              • rowesyful
                                rowesyful  2 months back

                                Offer D coordinator position to Steve Belichick. I hope panthers can get him on the coaching staff with the goal of moving him to HC in the future. His old man will want to see him succeed. Could be a pipeline to the greatest coaching mind in history.

                                • Sid Pegram
                                  Sid Pegram  2 months back

                                  Carolina needs to hire a offensive minded coach, but not Kellen Moore. Carolina has always hired a defensive minded since their existence

                                  • dan cha
                                    dan cha  2 months back

                                    1. Bill Cowher
                                    2. Jim Harbaugh

                                  • Austin GT
                                    Austin GT  2 months back

                                    Mike Tomlin, Lincoln Riley, Jim Harbaugh! 🤞🏾🤞🏾🙏🏽

                                    • ImWatchingYew
                                      ImWatchingYew  2 months back

                                      @Samuel Cohoon dude didnt take the 49ers to the superbowl tf we gonna do with him?

                                    • Samuel Cohoon
                                      Samuel Cohoon  2 months back

                                      Harbough?? Dude ain’t winning in college tf we gonna do with him?

                                    • Cvltvn
                                      Cvltvn  2 months back

                                      notTeeJay U he’s winning games after he lost Big Ben and Antonio brown, it doesn’t sound like you know what you’re talking about

                                    • Raiyan Riaz
                                      Raiyan Riaz  2 months back

                                      Austin GT lincoln Riley needs to come to Dallas!!!

                                  • Robert Firouzi
                                    Robert Firouzi  2 months back

                                    Psssh you can have stefanski, he makes a ton of mistakes as a play caller and is only being made to look good because of Kubiak behind him architecting our offense.

                                    • Robert Firouzi
                                      Robert Firouzi  2 months back

                                      @P Patil his 3rd down play calling is a huge problem. Yesterday they tried the fb dive with hamm for the second time this year, and same result, totally stuffed. They tried a run on 3rd and 7. On 3rd and 8 in an obvious 4 down spot (not because of game situation because they were in the no man's land of too far to kick too close to punt) he treated it like a normal 3rd and called a 5 step drop pass which the Vikings struggle with because of protection and sure enough Cousins was hit before the wr came open. He could have dialed up a short play and taken an easy 5 or 6 yards then been setup in 4th and short. And on and on..... Kubiak designed the perfect offense for this team but stefanski is avg at calling it

                                    • P Patil
                                      P Patil  2 months back

                                      Exactly, he always chokes whenever he needs to make a big play call. On the big 4th and 3 play against Seattle he called a terrible play and no one was able to get open which pretty much cost them the game.

                                  • trill 1
                                    trill 1  2 months back

                                    Bill Cowher lives in Raleigh NC

                                    • MrPhantomShade
                                      MrPhantomShade  2 months back

                                      "In 2018 Cowher put his Raleigh house in North Ridge Country Club up for sale after announcing he would be moving to New York full-time." but he had stated before he would coach if it was in NC

                                    • Swantron97
                                      Swantron97  2 months back


                                    • ImWatchingYew
                                      ImWatchingYew  2 months back

                                      old school...same as rivera...

                                  • Ian Fitchett
                                    Ian Fitchett  2 months back

                                    Peter is not nearly on the same level as Mike Florio and Simms, pretty sure he's also kind of racist (based on his past comments about Baltimore)

                                    • James Fitch
                                      James Fitch  2 months back

                                      CAN SOMEBODY NOT LIKE OTHER RACES WITHOUT BEING A RACIST? do we at least hold that much freedom in America?

                                  • lissa leggs
                                    lissa leggs  2 months back

                                    Gruden and Mayock to Panthers please..

                                    • lissa leggs
                                      lissa leggs  2 months back

                                      @Logan Richardson
                                      Mayhem and Heide tanked for Ferrell....
                                      A guy who spent his entire time at Clemson in neutral zone. But they didn't see that.. That's lazy scouting and they put gag order on scouts and tanked for Ferrell, LMAO...
                                      Mayhem is over rated like his picks.

                                    • Logan Richardson
                                      Logan Richardson  2 months back

                                      Teddy Swagger lmao Mayock hasn’t proved himself?

                                    • lissa leggs
                                      lissa leggs  2 months back

                                      @Teddy Swagger
                                      I trade you both for bag of peanuts..

                                    • Teddy Swagger
                                      Teddy Swagger  2 months back

                                      @lissa leggs I don't think so. The Davis family likes Gruden and have paid him far too much just to get rid of him. And Mayock hasn't proven himself enough on the pro level for Tepper. Tepper wants a long term investment with old school mentality but new school analytics. And neither has that.

                                    • lissa leggs
                                      lissa leggs  2 months back

                                      @Teddy Swagger
                                      Rivera to Raiders..

                                  • Calvin NDallas
                                    Calvin NDallas  2 months back

                                    Jason Garrett would be perfect for the Panthers because it gets him out of Dallas. 👀

                                    • Teddy Swagger
                                      Teddy Swagger  2 months back

                                      Don't push your failures onto us, lol. Send him to Cleveland.

                                    • Kenneth Montes
                                      Kenneth Montes  2 months back

                                      Garrett would be the antithesis of the type,of coach that we need. Let him stay right where he's at.

                                    • Khorzho
                                      Khorzho  2 months back

                                      Garrett can be fired without going to another team. He would be straight downgrade for Carolina. Garrett is the only coach I've ever seen ice his own kicker. Rivera may have lost his way and not had the answers for the mess Carolina has gotten into, but at least he isn't that stupid.

                                    • Chouchou Show
                                      Chouchou Show  2 months back

                                      Possible subscription

                                  • YodaGrammar l
                                    YodaGrammar l  2 months back


                                    • bioLarzen
                                      bioLarzen  2 months back

                                      So, this Simms guy says Kliff Kingsbury "has done the job" - with his Cardinals standing at 3-8-1 at the moment?

                                      • Teddy Swagger
                                        Teddy Swagger  2 months back

                                        Steve Wilks did a better job than him. And given another year or so, he would've had Arizona a playoff team again.

                                      • bioLarzen
                                        bioLarzen  2 months back

                                        @Robert Firouzi You're probably right about that. In retrospect, I might have been a bit overzealous bringing this up in the first place - it was relly just side comment in the video.

                                      • Robert Firouzi
                                        Robert Firouzi  2 months back

                                        @bioLarzen yeah thats fair. I think it was a fairly glossed over thing as they cover a lot in a little time so we might all be reading too much into a throwaway sentance. Its not like he featured kingsbury in a segment of how awesome he was lol

                                      • bioLarzen
                                        bioLarzen  2 months back

                                        @Robert Firouzi I unerstand that, and I'm not saing it's not a fair point. What I'm saying is that I can't see the development that would warrant a "great job" designation in my book. Did Kingsbury show he can coach in the NFL? Yes. Is his first season a bad one? No. Is it good? Yes. Is it great? No. At least in my eyes.

                                      • Robert Firouzi
                                        Robert Firouzi  2 months back

                                        @bioLarzen yeah but if you want to evaluate how a coach has done in those circumstances you're going to have to look at more than the record. Just think if the 49ers would not have done that and fired Shanahan last year. They'd be the goats in a bad way lol

                                    • Nobody
                                      Nobody  2 months back

                                      Kellen Moore better not get a HC job.

                                      • Teddy Swagger
                                        Teddy Swagger  2 months back

                                        @Just Another Random Channel Well Jason Garrett is proof of that.

                                      • Just Another Random Channel
                                        Just Another Random Channel  2 months back

                                        Teddy Swagger doesn’t have to be a good QB to be a good coach. I don’t think he’s ready to be head coach after one successful season as OC, but he’s building a solid resume in his young coaching career. He also has a lot of good pieces to use so that helps him a lot.

                                      • Teddy Swagger
                                        Teddy Swagger  2 months back

                                        @Cvltvn We already have that with both Turners.

                                      • Cvltvn
                                        Cvltvn  2 months back

                                        Teddy Swagger he’s a great qb coach

                                      • Teddy Swagger
                                        Teddy Swagger  2 months back

                                        Kellen Moore wasn't even a good QB. How is this even a debate?!