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    BIG WHEEL WARRIOR  2 months back


    • daboys1215
      daboys1215  6 months back

      Happy 40th to Moonraker

      • MetallicBlue1000
        MetallicBlue1000  10 months back

        Golden Age of movies.

        • Jairo A. Diaz Duran
          Jairo A. Diaz Duran  1 years back

          El gran ROGER MOORE mi james bond favorito el mejor

          • Phanindra K
            Phanindra K  2 years back

            Rip Roger moore

            • Paul Hewett
              Paul Hewett  3 years back

              My Bond ... always has been , always will...... rest in peace xxxx

              • Colton Brantley
                Colton Brantley  3 years back

                My God What's Bond Doing,I Think He's Attempting Re-Entry Sir,Rest In Peace Sir Roger Moore You Will Be Missed By Us All And Your Legacy Will Live On Forever,Brantley,Colton Brantley

                • kasra khatir
                  kasra khatir  3 years back

                  moonraker may be campy but by god the effects and production design has aged well

                  • Phinal Flash
                    Phinal Flash  3 years back

                    I actually like it more than the last 2 Roger Moore films.

                • LALI 1080
                  LALI 1080  3 years back

                  This man is a legend
                  RIP Sir Roger Moore
                  You are one of my favourite actors and thanks for being such an amazing James Bond
                  it was my dad who introduced me to the 20th century movies ( I'm a millennial)
                  And I'm glad
                  Also I llloovvveeee James Bond
                  My favourite heroes - Baahubali, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Hector Barbossa, Batman (lol 😂) 😍😍😎😎😎😎😎

                  • Please enter a name.
                    Please enter a name.  3 years back

                    I love this movie.

                    • AJK90
                      AJK90  3 years back

                      I think he's attempting re-entry, sir.

                      • Charles Rat
                        Charles Rat  2 years back

                        AJK90 Bond, what do you think you're doing ?

                    • ThunderBas
                      ThunderBas  3 years back

                      may he rest in peace