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  • MeatSpin
    MeatSpin  2 months back

    How bout the Chiefs letting the AFC West know who runs that division still?

    • Garrett Armstrong
      Garrett Armstrong  2 months back

      I'm a Steeler fan and I can't help but love Lamar Jackson.

      • Tim Johnson
        Tim Johnson  2 months back

        Not a true steeler fan then.

    • Vipey1
      Vipey1  2 months back

      Is 139-150 really weird or just me

        RMILI AICHA  2 months back

        Bhal koka kola 1900 hata 2020 tv lhamdolilah ta6lab usa

      • Lzrdkng07
        Lzrdkng07  2 months back

        When Greg roman was the OC for the niners and ran the same scheme with a Colin Kaepernick yeah he did good for 2 years and then defenses adapted and Greg Roman was fired and where is colin Kaepernick now. Lamar Jackson has the same situation Kaepernick had. I bet he gets shut down once this season ends just watch

        • Excelling DEICIDE
          Excelling DEICIDE  2 months back

          I believe the NFL Opponents WILL figure out Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills faster then Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens.

        • Michael DeNunzio
          Michael DeNunzio  2 months back

          It will definitely get more challenging for them with more tape and a season to prepare for sure. But these are human beings who live and learn. I would argue that Roman's experience with Kaepernick's success and then failure was a huge learning experience for him. Also Jackson is a much purer thrower of the football than Kaepernick ever was.

        • Do Zo
          Do Zo  2 months back

          @Aristotle Pizarro Actually, I believe he is in his prime right now. Not a TON of tape, young legs, new offensive scheme that people will eventually figure out, etc. There is a reason people say he wont last.. because based on history, these types of qbs dont last long. I hope that notion is wrong, but until a dual threat QB that runs as much as him lasts more than 5 seasons, I wont put money into his stock.

        • Aristotle Pizarro
          Aristotle Pizarro  2 months back

          You act like Lamar is not 22 years old he didn’t even hit his prime yet

        • Ryan T
          Ryan T  2 months back

          Shhh shhh you're gonna wake up the bandwagon

      • Orion6699
        Orion6699  2 months back

        Lamar Jackson is awesome... until he blows his knee out.

        • Excelling DEICIDE
          Excelling DEICIDE  2 months back

          OR Josh Allen on the Buffalo Bills blows his leg out or suffers a massive concussion that puts him out for the rest of the season.

        • Jamaal Brown
          Jamaal Brown  2 months back

          Just like your favorite player.

        • Ronald Cammarata
          Ronald Cammarata  2 months back

          True of every good player at ANY position.

      • Davion Price
        Davion Price  2 months back

        What about the statement the bills made!!?????

        • Halo2000
          Halo2000  2 months back

          james macauley the ravens lost to the Browns

        • Tangible Android
          Tangible Android  2 months back

          @james macauley oh Gawd, I shudder at the thought....

        • james macauley
          james macauley  2 months back

          Statement? The cowboys haven't beaten anyone despite how talented the roster is and the bills just lost to the browns. Don't get me wrong I'm becoming a believer in Allen but they're a one playoff win tops in my opinion.

        • Tangible Android
          Tangible Android  2 months back

          I feel your bro but actuality this was a question of biggest Sunday statement, so go Buffalo though!

      • eddiewinehosen
        eddiewinehosen  2 months back

        Did I see a "Glory to God" tattoo on DeShauns right arm? Might as well tattoo in "I'm with stupid" and an arrow pointing to himself!

        • Wolverine101
          Wolverine101  2 months back

          Wow, you're atheism makes you look soooooo sophisticated! I am so jealous. /s

        • Bill Perez
          Bill Perez  2 months back

          One Day "Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess He Is The Christ". I'm one of those this world calls stupid, so be it, BUT, the day is coming when I will not be ashamed and it's because of HIM, THE CHRIST...

        • chynz330
          chynz330  2 months back

          The best thing about tattoos, especially about God, is that the eventual irony can't be erased.

        • Michael DeNunzio
          Michael DeNunzio  2 months back

          ikr everyone knows God can only read left arms.

      • FACE OF BEAR
        FACE OF BEAR  2 months back

        You haven't given the Bills/Josh Allen any credit for winning Thursday.

        • Bill Perez
          Bill Perez  2 months back

          They never will. Let them keep on talking about the pats, the boys and who ever else. In the mean time The Bills are showing the NFL how A TEAM PLAYS this game. I'm proud of this entire organization.

        • Do Zo
          Do Zo  2 months back

          Balled out

      • Dennis Kirk
        Dennis Kirk  2 months back

        John Harbaugh can always hire his brother Jim for OC if Roman leaves? Jim is going to get canned at Michigan soon anyway. Plus he has history coaching Krapernick in this offensive scheme.

        • 95tillinfinity
          95tillinfinity  2 months back

          Greg Roman is a genius and he has better personnel offensively than Jim's 49ers

      • Bolu Adu
        Bolu Adu  2 months back

        I actually knew the answer to the question for the no. 1 pick.