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Easy Spy

Easy Spy Review

Easy Spy Pro

Easy Spy Pro

Monitoring & Reporting


Blocking & Controls




Supported Device


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  • No monthly fee
  • Very easy to install
  • Remote uninstall feature


  • Lack of strong blocking features
  • Fewer features than its competitors
  • Supports iOS and Android OS only

Easy Spy is an android keylogger and  mobile monitoring software that takes the workload on in your purpose of safe-guarding your loved ones and your valuable ones, and that includes your businesses. As much as we trust the online world and our technologically advanced devices as the passage of our next paychecks or to aide us in making our days work lighter, it is equivalent to the great risks of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual threats that might cost us to lose something and even someone we value. I am writing this Easy Spy review as I believe in the equal benefits and risks our technology had brought to us, and because this is a necessity.

I decided to purchase Easy Spy for my own benefit and to also help everyone of you out there understand these things a bit deeper, or at least find someone who can tell you his personal experience with it. And so I went ahead to buy it, did the installation on my phones (I have an android and an iPhone) then logged-in to the secure server to start testing.

Features of Easy Spy

SMS Tracking and Call Logging

This might be the first and foremost or the only reason I bought this software for, so I ran the test on this feature by making a series of sample incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS. In the Easy Spy features page, it says that it could track new, old and even deleted ones, so I did try to delete a couple. When I checked the tracker on the portal, I’d say I’m impressed. You’ll never lose a single detail, even the time stamps and the recipient/sender details are available for you. Some of you may want to get rid of those annoying spoof text messages from unknown individuals, now you can use these details to track them. Or if you suspect your children, or your workers sneaking behind your back by exchanging text messages to suspicious individuals, confront them with your proof.

Aside from being a mobile SMS spy, this software also records the calls done on the target device. It logs the calls by the minute so you never miss out on any call done to and from the device. It gives you the entire details of when and how long the call was done, who it is from or to, and the number of the dialed and received phone calls, of course that includes the phone numbers.

Email Logging

Like the SMS tracker, Easy Spy allows you to track inbound and outbound emails and have the same exact replica of it on your server.

GPS Tracking

Say your teen says they’ll be at Jessica’s for a Pajama party, but the truth is she’s with a bunch of kids by the beach at night, how will you ever know? With the GPS tracker, you will know exactly where your loved ones really are, updating every five minutes, it will push pin the location on a Google map. That Tuesday morning, I deliberately walked my way from the coffee shop to the office, making little stops along the way while tracking myself on my tab, pretty crazy but it was cool, at least I got to try it for myself. I find this not invasive, but could still work a long way for when employees tell you they ran into an emergency and can’t come, and find out they ran into an emergency vacay at a Miami Beach front – who would do that, well at least you’re prepared when someone does.

Web Browsing and Mobile Apps Tracker

This works simply by giving you the ability to view web browsing history from the target device, you could Facebook spy on your employees and kids. Easy Spy also has access to messenger apps and allows you record and keep Skype logs, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage and more.

Other Features include: Remote Camera, Video and Image Log, Remote Access to Uninstall, Live Control Panel, Full Access to Contact and Address Book.

Why Use Easy Spy?

I’ve mentioned some of the situations where Easy Spy can be useful to you; I’ve even highlighted that in the beginning of this review.

I cannot put more emphasis on this, that our spouse’, our kid’s, our company’s safety is a priority on top of everything else we may do in our day to lives and careers.


Let’s be more vigilant and empowered, knowing that there is something that you can do about it. Allow Easy Spy to let you step into empowerment, what you read in this review will stay in writing, but experiencing it for yourself sure will give you greater gain!

Here’s a great reference on parental control software – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_controls

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A resourceful and detail-oriented professional with keen observational, analytical and reporting skills honed by more than 10 years of experience in investigation and surveillance work.

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  1. Is it possible to transfer the license to a new target phone?

    • Franklin White

      Hi Nik. Yes, you can transfer the license to a new target phone as long you deactivate and remove the app from the previous phone.

  2. Monitoring & Reporting


    Blocking & Controls




    Supported Device


    Help & Support


    I’m glad that I have found this app and installed it on my daughter’s smartphone.

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