mSpy Android Keylogger Review

mSpy Review – Best Android Keylogger

mSpy Premium

mSpy Premium

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    Blocking & Controls




        Supported Device


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            • - User-friendly Control Panel
            • - Support iOS-devices without Jailbreak
            • - Wide-range compatibility
            • - Support Snapchat and Geo-fencing
            • - Provides more features and options


            • - Heavy use of mobile data and battery life
            • - Faulty logging and tracking instances
            • - Issues on refund

            An Android Keylogger is a new addition to the many amazing features of spy software for Android devices. mSpy, considered to be one of the best spy app for Android had recently included a keylogger for android feature in their premium offer. Just think about your everyday scenario in the subway, the short walk, the elevator, your employee in the office, and even with your kids at home – Swipe and tap, tap, tap! Definitely not a new dance craze, but almost everyone, if not all, spend our time tapping on our mobile devices whether by necessity or by choice – including you!

            Ever wonder what that employee of yours seated a few cubicles away from your office door is tapping on his Android phone? Or perhaps your teen at home (or at school) when she’s supposed to be doing her homework? You need not to worry again, the solution – a keystroke logger for android that will surely take that unnecessary stress off your back. I invite you to take this time to check out the best spy app for android, the mSpy Android Keylogger.

            What Is mSpy?

            mSpy in general is a spy software for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian OS and tablet. mSpy is considered as one of the best spy App for android as it is compatible to all versions of android and provides a vast list of compatible android-ran devices. As a spy software for android, mSpy released its Android Keylogger feature to provide an advanced keystroke logger for android devices giving its subscribers an additional easy-monitoring system for their kids (for parents) and/or their employees (business subscriptions). mSpy is yet the best spy app for android, now made better by their Android Keylogger.

            Keylogging had been widely-used in business computers long before, mSpy innovating it into the more specific for android creates more opportunities for productivity and protection.

            Along with all its other great features, the mSpy provides you with organized way of connecting the target phone’s taps or keystrokes into your very own control panel, which does not only act as a keylogger for android devices but also allows you room to access the device remotely.

            Most spy software for Android does not have this keylogger for android ability yet. Or their Android keylogger had been incorporated into the other features making it difficult for you to distinguish keystroke activities from the other functions. Top spy software for android which are also listed as best spy app for android may not even have the android keylogger function.

            The mSpy, as technical as it may sound, provides consumers almost-custom-made subscriptions to meet your spy software for android needs. The Android keylogger is designed as keystroke logger for android which will work for both parents and businesses. As this is a new feature from mSpy, the Android Keylogger comes as an advanced addition to the amazing spy software for android features when you purchase the mSpy Premium subscription from $69.99.


            mSpy Pricing Table

            Features of mSpy

            Allow me to run through all the other features of the best spy app for android that you will get alongside the Android Keylogger function I’ve been nagging you about. Once you decide to purchase mSpy’s spy software for android, all these other wonderful features are yours to devour.

            No-Jailbreak Solution
            You just need to input the required Apple ID and Password into the online panel – and that’s it! No access required either, should you want to be sure of the target phone having cloud sync service enabled.

            mpsy call logsMonitor Calls
            A spy software for android works best if it could monitor calls. mSpy allows you to track incoming and outgoing calls, including call duration, time, and all other call details. Call logs, incoming call restriction, and to some extent call recording makes mSpy more than just an Android keylogger.

            Track SMS Messages
            mSpy joined the list of the best spy app for android originally through its SMS tracking ability. The concept for an advanced Android Keylogger may have been primarily based on creating a keystroke logger for android whenever a message is sent and received. Well to focus on the feature, it basically retrieves sent and received text messages from the target phone including all its SMS details.

            Read Emails
            mSpy’s capacity to monitor outgoing and incoming emails makes this spy software for android a tool for improving employee productivity and provide security from any online threat received through emails.

            Track GPS Location
            The list of the best spy app for android includes this feature. With mSpy, locating your kids or an employee out on an office hour had never been this easy.

            Geo-fencing means setting a virtual barrier so that when a device enters the defined boundaries, you receive a notification. The feature allows you to set unlimited number of allowed and forbidden zones, see when and how often each zone is visited, receive email notifications about each zone entrance or/and exit and view the history of device movements on a convenient map.

            mpsy GPSMonitor Internet Use
            Everyone is susceptible to potentially harmful websites whether by choice or by accident, mSpy’s spy software for android could monitor and even remotely block websites from the control panel. Is mSpy the coolest keystroke logger for android already? Better yet the best spy app for android.

            Access Calendar and Address Book
            Without being invasive, mSpy allows you to monitor your kids or your employees’ itinerary and spot immediately activities and people they are engaged with. This spy software for android might even help you keep track of some activities you might miss (e.g. attending your kid’s parent-child day which are overlooked by some).

            Read Instant Messages
            Instant messages through Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and etc. can also be monitored through the seemingly-Android Keylogger feature.

            Easily control the flow of Snapchat’s media data (photos, videos and drawings) on a monitored device. You can track the exact date & time media files were exchanged, video duration, and of course, view all content.

            mspy DashboardControl Apps and Programs
            This feature houses mSpy’s Android Keylogger. This keylogger for android is the first of its kind. Why is a keystroke logger for android special? Or how is it different from the first few features of mSpy as a spy software for android? I might have mentioned the answers to this question on the guidelines above. I gave myself a quick thought on the questions and the answers dawned on me. Considering mSpy as the best spy app for Android is already a big thing in itself, however having an Android Keylogger feature is another great deal.

            mSpy does allow you to monitor and remotely access/control specific applications. To put it into a clearer perspective, mSpy is a spy software for android that gives you data on email activities, text messages, phone calls depending on your chosen configuration. On the other hand, on top of these functions, the Android Keylogger records all the taps and keystrokes in all the applications installed on the device. This keystroke logger for android enables you to not miss anything on the target device’s activities.

            View Multimedia Files
            Aside from being able to monitor SMS, mSpy considered as one of the best spy app for android also retrieves picture messages, videos, and the like. This Android Keylogger software is dynamically defying boundaries in mobile device tracking.

            Wi-Fi Monitoring
            Get accurate device coordinates by gathering information about each Wi-Fi hotspot the target phone connects to. Manage all wireless connections remotely from your secure Control Panel. Andemotely prevent users from establishing connections with an unsafe Wi-Fi hotspot.

            Remote Control
            Although this function had been repeatedly touched in this article, let us take a deeper look on what it actually does. As mentioned, when you have an android keylogger functioning, it does not only support as a keylogger for android but also gives you the ability to remotely access and control tapped applications on the mobile device. Yes, you know that already, and as amazing as it sounds as far as a keystroke logger for android is concerned, with mSpy it is never limited to that. Only the best spy app for android has this ability to protect sensitive, confidential and personal information in cases that the device is lost or stolen. From the control panel, you will be able to perform a device wipeout, erasing the data from the target device or alternatively locking it.

            Generate Reports
            Let us take the Android Keylogger as an example here. The mobile phone spy records every tap and keystroke from at least 40 apps from the target device – that’s awfully a lot right? Good because you have an extremely rich amount of information right before your very eyes, yet bad, because the keystroke logger for Android might just throw all those logs here and there. Well, with mSpy it is a Good-Good scenario, if you remembered me mentioning, its Android Keylogger feature has its own personal space in the control panel, generating a clear, clean, organized result. This is actually true not only for the Android keylogger but for all data you have configured mSpy to track for you.

            24/7 Customer Support
            Nothing would be more reassuring than to know that you are and you will be taken care of. More than just a cliché, mSpy’s customer support is open 24/7 to answer your queries. You may be seeking for assistance before purchasing a keylogger for Android, or you may be having trouble configuring the android keylogger feature, just give them a call and they’re sure to help you with it.

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            Uses and Benefits of Using Android Keylogger

            Although the features may have set it all, the following are the uses and benefits of mSpy summed up for you. Whether you are just entirely looking for an Android Keylogger, or have been completely interested with the whole mSpy package, help me help you settle for it.


            I cannot stress enough the fact that a keylogger for android plus all the other software features is a silent but strong tool to address physical, social, emotional, and psychological threats in this world bombarded by technology.

            A keystroke logger for android allows you to keep watch your kids activity every tap of the way, carefully monitoring any suspicious activity and keep them in harm’s way.

            This same keylogger for android is a two-way security system for both you and your employees. An Android Keylogger monitors any unwanted activity by an employee during office hours and allows you to correct it right away. The keystroke logger for android is also an avenue for an employer to protect their employees should someone with ill intentions tries to invade by way of manipulation through communications.

            Increases an individual’s productivity

            Whether it is your child’s or employee’s productivity you would want improved or increased, it works just the same. An Android keylogger is a means to arrest activities that hinders an individual from being productive.

            The keylogger for android sends you details on the apps opened and tapped by Peter almost all the time during the whole shift on a busy Monday while everyone else should be AHOD (All hands on deck). You call on Peter’s attention, show the keystroke logger for Android report generated, give him the chance, and Peter should be back on track – or even more productive.

            The Android Keylogger should work best with your teens too, identify applications that aren’t useful, know when they’re just goofing around, tapping nonstop on that mobile phone when they’re supposed to be studying or finishing a homework – then communicate, talk to them, set boundaries, curfews and guidelines. It will be a matter of positioning the thought that the more productive they are, the more fun time tapping and swiping will be allowed (or something like that) – and they will be productive indeed.

            Resolves Privacy Misconceptions

            mSpy understands the importance of privacy for every individual, thus had been a major consideration in creating this product. For its Android Keylogger feature for example, a keystroke logger for Android as what we’ve learned records every keystroke from a target device. Pretty obvious, that’s more than a truck load of personal information there. Merely the thought of installing an android keylogger to monitor employees’ devices at work raises questions about personal confidentiality and privacy. The idea of a keylogger for android for your kids may even sound ridiculous for them (we’ve been teens once in our lives and our privacy is a precious gem).

            Developers of the mSpy Android Keylogger understands this predicament very much, and would want us to understand as well that the keylogger for android technology aims at bridging the gap rather than destroying the bridge in relationships.

            That is why, with mSpy, a physical access to the target device is required to install an Android Keylogger (and the entire software). This is just one simple fact but what does it tell us about the keystroke logger for android from mSpy?

            For your kids, since you’re the adult, explain to them in simplest terms how the keylogger for android works. Then you can present to them your purpose. Also emphasize that this can only be done with their help and cooperation (remember the physical access to the device, you won’t be able to install it if they hide their devices from you).

            As the boss of a company, do the same, explain the Android Keylogger to your employees. You may want to share keylogger for android’s two-way protection system. Present its purpose and benefits and that it can only be done with their cooperation. Lastly, don’t forget to make sure that the control panel is office-based, assuring them that their devices are monitored by the Android Keylogger only during business hours.

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            Let’s not allow unwanted stressors to get in and through our everyday swipe and tap. Android Keyloggers and all other mobile device tracking systems sure are wonderful technologies that will uphold our personal as well as our selfless interests. We could look at a keylogger for android in a different perspective. As much as mSpy have opened my eyes on the significance of an Android Keylogger and all the other features they could offer, I believe it gave you at least a pinch of enlightenment too!

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            To know more of Android keylogger options, go to the Product Review page.

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            1. If you have any comments or inquiries about the mSpy, please write them below this section. I’ll do my best to answer and find solutions for you!

            2. Hi Franklin. Thank you for making this review. I’m just wondering if I can install this remotely or do I need physical access to the phone I want to monitor?

              • Hi Matt. Thank you for dropping by and reading our review of mSpy. No, you can’t install mSpy remotely so as all other mobile monitoring software available today. The software is easy to install and you only need 5-10 minutes of physical access to the target phone during installation. Once installed, mSpy will immediately start monitoring activities and sending logs to your personal account.

                • Okay, thanks. One last question, can I track two or more mobile devices say I smartphone and one tablet?

                  • You can only track one target device with Basic or Premium mSpy subscription. However, you can change the target device as many times as you want without any additional fees. To be able to track two or more devices, you have to purchase a separate mSpy subscription for each device. But if you really need to track 5 devices in one account, I recommend that you go for a Business subscription.

            3. Hi Franklin!
              Does this software work with Russian keyboard. Will it be able to display Cyrillic symbols correctly?
              Thank you!

            4. Hi Franklin. Do I need to root Android device to use mSpy?

              • Hi Alex. Rooting is only required if you need to track the non-default applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and Gmail. These app monitoring features however are only available to mSpy Premium subscribers.

            5. I wanted to install a monitoring software on my daughter’s iPhone. I think mSpy offers a comprehensive monitoring features. I understand that the iPhone needs to get jailbroken so I can install this. If that’s the case, will jailbreak void the phone’s warranty?

              • hi Jessica. Jailbreak procedure will void your phone’s warranty but this is absolutely reversible. Once you’re done monitoring and uninstalled mSpy, updating to the latest iOS version or restoring the phone to factory setting will restore the warranty. Please note however that even if you did not uninstall mSpy and did a factory reset, the mSpy will no longer work. You will need to do jailbreak procedure again and re-install the software to make it work.

            6. Hi Franklin,
              What about the voice call recording feature? I noticed that it has been removed. Why? And will it be available again?

              • Hi Dean. I don’t think the call recording feature will be available at all. There have been recent event where StealthGenie company was recently charged in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia with sedition and advertising of a sneaky or covert interference device. This in particular refers to the software as an ‘eavesdropping device’ such as the voice call recording. Although mSpy, still remains legal, I’d like to take this opportunity to make clear and stress that mSpy positions itself as a parental control tool and business monitoring solution that can only be used with prior consent obtained. Please make sure to consult your local laws before installing such a program.

            7. Does mSpy works with any mobile network carrier worldwide?

              • Hi Michael. mSpy tracking software works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the target device. It only requires internet connection to transfer data to your personal account. Meaning, mSpy will work wherever you may be.

                • Hi Franklin, I am not the most up to date and understanding of key logging abilities. I am thinking about getting it installed on my son’s tablet. The tablet is used only with wifi internet. Will that work with these types of services if the tablet isn’t subscribed to a mobile network?

                  • Hi Mel. mSpy is compatible with iPad and tablets running Android OS. It should also worked with Wi-Fi to get internet connection to send logged activities. I hope this helps.

            8. I find the Mspy Keylogger does not look & feel like the normal Samsung Android keyboard. My kids noticed it straight away and complained.

            9. Monitoring & Reporting


              Blocking & Controls




              Supported Device


              Help & Support


              I completely recommend this app. Especially if you have a very curious child. It allows me to keep track of what my child is doing online and whom ever they might be in contact with.

            10. Monitoring & Reporting


              Blocking & Controls




              Supported Device


              Help & Support


              Great app for monitoring your kids! I got the information I needed almost in real time, even deleted messages were there!!

            11. My wife is using your producks and track and spy on my anroid phone ipad and desktop illegally. need to know how to get evidence or get her to stop as it is illegal in south africa my cell no +27823721374 south africa

              • Mr. Kruger, this is not my product. I’m just reviewing different mobile monitoring software to guide parents and employers in choosing the best solution to fit their needs. The objective of this website is to provide unbiased reviews that will help parents protect their children on cyberbullying, pornography, onlie predators and cyber crimes like identity theft. And for employers to increase their employee productivity and protect their company from any confidential information getting leaked. Please read carefully the Disclaimer on the sidebar. If you have any questions about mSpy, please contact them directly at

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